Our Story


With Elka being a Pilates instructor, Cat a Yoga instructor and Stephie a Holistic Nutritionist, it seemed a natural step for these like minded women to pool their collective knowledge into a project dedicated to achieving a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Sunsuna Living is the culmination of their collective philosophy on healthy living; a project that not only benefits their own lives, but also the lives of their clients and their community. The happy coincidence that they were already long-time friends is the cherry on top of their now flourishing brand of rejuvenating retreats, services and eco-friendly products.

The spark of Sunsuna twinkled into life when Elka, and Cat decided to turn their candle making hobby into a boutique style business; Sunusna Candles. This labour of love has taken them on a journey along a bumpy road of trial and error; celebrating their successes and learning from their disasters. They honed their craft; they committed to creating natural products; and they ignited their entrepreneurial spirit.

Meanwhile Stephie had dedicated herself to studying nutrition and naturopathy – the healing power of nature and nutrition. Spending joyful hours in her kitchen, Stephie used her knowledge to create dishes that were not only healthy but were also a sumptuous treat for the taste buds; proving that a vegetarian meal can be a flavourful feast that satisfies even the most ardent disbelievers.
As well as giving talks on healthy eating and helping people with dietary adjustments; Stephie was also nurturing the idea of hosting retreats where she could further share the benefits of all the knowledge that she was absorbing, especially having experienced the effects of a healthy diet on her own health and energy

Eco friendly/non-toxic products, Nutrition, Yoga, and Pilates all complement each other in a wonderful way; they are the stepping stones on the road to holistic wellness. By bringing these elements together good health has the potential to take root through mind, body and soul. Timing is everything, and for these three friends the timing was organically perfect for Sunsuna Living to bloom.

Meet The Team

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Stephie - Sunsuna Living Gozo Retreat Team
Cat - Sunsuna Living Gozo Retreat Team
Elka - Sunsuna Living Gozo Retreat Team

What’s in the name?

We are blessed to live on, and take our inspiration from the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo. When it came to choosing a name for our company we wanted a name that would reflect our ideals, our femininity and our love of the wild world.

The Maltese great goddess Sunsuna, or ‘Fat Lady’ as she is lovingly nicknamed, is an iconic image that conjures up all of these elements. Large temples that date back well before c.3600 B.C.E. were built all around Malta and Gozo in her honour. Sunsuna embodies strength, vitality, interconnectedness with the cycles and rhythms of nature, and freedom from each person to reach their true potential.